Top Tips to Shop for Women’s Dresses


Shopping is one of the most fun things to do. For some, this is retail therapy. For some others, this is art. Yes, shopping can mean a whole lot of different things to different women, but one thing is for sure, it means a real lot to each one of us. Some shop when they are happy, some shop when they are sad. Nonetheless, it’s a therapy for all the women out there. But, at the same time, shopping can be a task like any other. And to do it with precision is of utmost importance. You don’t just have to be a shopaholic, you should also be a smart shopper. And how exactly does one become that? Well, worry not. We are going to tell you all about it!

Know your budget

Know your budget

This is the first and most important rule of shopping, if you want to be a smart shopper. Know how much money you want to spend, or at the least decide what’s the most you’d be willing to pay for a certain item and stick to that. This helps such a great deal with shopping. Firstly, you won’t be making any impulsive buys your pocket will later regret. Secondly, you will be more decisive and have a better idea of what you want and what it worth your money. Thus, there really is no better way to start your shopping trip with a good idea of how much you are willing to spend.

Try and Buy

Try and buy

This is perhaps one of the most important tips you can give to someone. If you have to buy an outfit, make sure you try it out. Why is trying it out so important, you ask me? See, while you could know your fit or a certain dress size could be perfect for you, different kinds of dresses look very different on various body types. So if you are buying an outfit, you might as well go to the trial room and put In some effort and try that outfit out. Size is one of the many things you will know is right or not. You can also tell the fit and the feel of the dress, and how it looks on your body. Some colours also need a trial for sure, as they don’t just suit anyone. So, play it safe, and try before you buy.

Trend Check

Trend check

All my fashionistas know what I am talking about! Before you go out into the big bag world, do remember do a little internet research on whats trending. Different seasons have different styles doing well, so shopping becomes all the much better if you have a better idea about the latest trends. You can check all of these and see if there are some you really like. But do remember to see if you are good with those styles as well, because there really is no point to wearing a certain fashion trend that you don’t feel like yourself in.

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5 Reasons to do shopping in greater Kailash


Most of us have a very hectic schedule to deal with every day. From the office to housework to a special occasion, we have a lot of different things to deal. One of the most important thing to deal with in each of these different set ups in how we look. Don’t you want to look your best in all these different spheres of your life? Most of us have very little time to spend in shopping or even picking up clothes in the morning. But looking good and presentable is a very important thing. So shopping should be thought out an activity that will not only be a form of entertainment but makes you look good in each day of your life.

One of the best places to go shopping is in the market places of Delhi. Greater Kailash is one of the most popular destination for both localities and tourists. Here are 5 reasons why such places are the best for shopping.

You get many shops in the same place

One of the main reasons why we get stressed during shopping is because we often plan to visit different shops but spend more time traveling between them than in the actual process of getting clothes. Greater Kailash has many different shops all clustered in the same area. So you do not need to travel long distances in order to buy different types of apparel.

Huge collections to choose from

Since there are many different shops in the same area, you will get access to different collections to choose from. You can choose the perfect dress for yourself without having to cover the too long distance. The collection is amazing and according to latest trends. So you will look very fashionable in the dresses you choose from there.

High-quality garments at pocket-friendly rates

One of the best parts about shopping in such places is that you will get access to amazing quality of apparel at very pocket-friendly rates. You will not have to drill a hole in your pocket in order to find high-quality things that are according to the latest fashion. Each of the clothing apparel found in these stores is not only very stylish but extremely comfortable as well.

Fusion wears at these stores

Fusion wear is one of the popular styles these days. But it is quite difficult to get high-quality fusion at pocket-friendly prices. These stores are one of the best places to get such pocket-friendly fusion wear that will make you look trendy and stylish every day.

There are many benefits of shopping in the stores in such marketplaces. Many tourists to visit these stores as they get typical Indian wear as well. These stores give you the access to some of the most amazing clothes that will help you to look very stylish and feel very comfortable when you wear them. So it is not difficult to look your best every day once you shop in such stores in these marketplaces.

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Where to find formal shirts and trousers for men?


Have you recently joined a company? Are you working somewhere, where the dress code is strictly formal? Do you want to enrich your wardrobe with some good formal attire? If the answer is yes, you are in need of the best formal shirts and trousers. Men are always in need of formal shirts and trousers as this is the uniform that they need to wear in their offices and workplaces. However, when it comes to choosing one from their wardrobe, men often find that they do not have the right one to go for the day.

Although you will spend a lot of time in finding a good formal shirt or a pair of trousers individually, you will often find that they do not go well with each other, when clubbed together. In that case, it is a must that you choose some of the basics that are very useful in being teamed up with each other. Some colour patterns and prints are there that are very contemporary and at the same time, very traditional. These never go out of style. And if you look for a shirt that will go with a traditional pair of trousers, the options would be quite huge in numbers.

Have the basics in your wardrobe:

Since variety is very limited when it comes to choosing the right formal shirts and trousers, it is very crucial that you know the basics, so that you look smart. In that case, you can always start with wearing the basic and solid coloured shirts. Make sure that the colours are formal like blues, greys, whites, pale greens or even blacks. Nowadays, dark purples, pinks and even powder yellows are being preferred in many cases.

In case you are looking for some patterns and designs, you can always choose the stripes. Striped shirts are very popular and very suitable for the formal atmospheres. But of course, you can go for small checks. The key to choosing the right design patterns is that they should be fine and small and not bold at all. Forever 21 is one of the most popular places to buy your formal shirts from.However, you need to know that the formal shirts are ideally meant to be full sleeved.

Once you have chosen the right shirt, it is your turn to choose the right pair of trousers. You will find the basics such as blacks, navy blues and biscuits. Nowadays, the chinos are also very much in vogue. They are very comfortable to wear and are also very suitable for the formal atmosphere.

Shop from Forever 21:

Although you will find a number of options available for you in the Indian shopping complexes, malls and markets, there is a strong affinity of people towards brands. This is because of the quality and comfort that these brands assure. Forever 21 is one such brand that is very much popular amongst many youngsters, who look for formal shirts and trousers for their workplaces.

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Best Places to Buy Wedding lehengas In Chandni Chowk


The Chandni Chowk region of Delhi is popular across the country and even in many parts of the world. Mainly, the popularity of this region is owing to its massive shopping centers. Lining the gigantic network of roads and lanes are shops of different sizes, offering different products, employing varied marketing. The food at Chandni Chowk is a must have; with many delicious Nawabi outlets located here. Yet another popular product on offer at Chandni Chowk is bridal dresses. Wedding lehengas, Anarkali suits, designer sarees; you name it! Chandni Chowk is host to hundreds of stores that have unique and extravagant collections of these dresses. Let us take a look at the best among them.

Arun Vastra Bhandar:

You will not see the name of this shop widely acknowledged among the best stores to buy wedding lehengas from. However, do not let this stop you, as the popular stores are often overrated, and one ends up spending much more on a lehenga, average at best. At Arun Vastra Bhandar, the only problem you may encounter is the INEXHAUSTIBLE choice of wedding lehengas they offer. This store is one of the oldest stores located in the region and continues to attract the large crowds it has for time immemorial. Complete with an ATM inside the store, Arun Vastra Bhandar is one of the best.

CTC Emporium:

There is a common adage that is repeated in the Chandni Chowk area; “if you can’t find it anywhere else, it is time to go to CTC Emporium.” This is not a mere marketing strategy, locals and frequent shoppers alike swear by the collections at CTC. While shopping for wedding lehengas here, one has to be firm and smart for the crafty salesmen often try to bargain the price quite higher than it is fixed at. However, if you have a decent idea of the wedding lehenga you would like to take home, and your bargaining skills are sharpened, CTC Emporium is the place for you!


It is not just a privilege, but the desired one holds to be treated with care and attention when shopping for their favorite wedding lehenga. This is just the sort of treatment meted out to customers at Pakeeza. Located in Chandni Chowk for years now, this store makes sure all of its customers leave its doors happy. They are known for their staunch commitments and the zeal with which they are fulfilled. The wedding lehengas here have beautiful embroidery with a touch of modern design.

Ram Kishan Sarees:

While the name might suggest that the store is an expert in sarees, Ram Kishan Sarees has grown to become one of the leading wedding lehenga producers in the region. Here, one finds many twists and changes in traditional design that makes the lehenga look elegant, modern and sets apart a class of its own. While one may not easily chance upon a wedding lehenga here that is conventionally beautiful, the resham work and netting on the wedding lehengas is highly appealing.

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Top Fashion Trends for Working People in India

being human

Working people is the largest community in every country. And even in India, you will find a number of fashionable people going out for work in their best appearance. However, what one should wear at the work place and one can look stunning, without breaking the dress codes, is something that many people do not know. Regardless, whether you are a man or a woman, you need to maintain a certain dress code. In a few cases the code is a bit relaxed with Indian attires like sarees(more), salwar kameez and kurtis(more) for women; as well as kurtas for men. Still, in most corporate atmosphere, you will need to follow the dress codes.

Trousers and shirts:

This is the very basic, universal trend of dressing at a workplace. However, although a bit cliche, you can always play with these. Coming out of your same old trousers, you can think of the comfortable ones that are made up of linen fabric. Undoubtedly the cuts and fits are numerous and you can always choose a narrow cut, pencil fit – if you are a woman; and a straight or regular fit, if you are a man.


Teaming them up with shirts is a great idea. Now that you are thinking about shirts, you can always shift from the regular basics and choose the white linen shirts or cotton shirts. The denim shirts too are very much in fashion. Tucking in the shirts with a leather belt on, you will create your own style that none in your workplace would have thought of to be possible. In that case, you can always think out of the box and choose the latest popular brands like Being Human Clothing.

Skirts and leggings and kurtis:

If you are a lady, you have a great deal of freedom to try something different even at your workplace, while maintaining the corporate look. Wearing formal skirts is a great alternative to the same old trousers for women. Certainly the skirts need to be fitted. Tucking in shirts and adding accessories like a sleek belt, will give your look a new dimension. In many cases, you can choose the solid coloured leggings and kurtis that are not deep in their necklines. Choose a print that is corporate and sober.


Coming out of their mind set of wearing the trousers and occasionally denims on semi-formal events or on Fridays and Saturdays, the boys are now shifting towards the Chinos. These are very comfortable and made up of a stretchable fabric. Hence, you can wear them for long hours. Available in a number of colours like black, brown or coffee, navy blue and biscuit, you will be able to team up a number of your shirts with these Chinos.

Being Human Clothing is a brand that is great for both men and women for choosing clothes that are suitable for the corporate world as well as for casual atmospheres. You will find a number of fashionable clothing options like shirts, all available in plain and simple prints that will go amazingly well with your trousers and Chinos and will complete your corporate look, while making you fashionable.

Discover the Top Western Fashion Stores for Trendy Jeans in India


Today’s age is the age of fashion. Men and women in every spheres of life getting closer with all new fashions, and the majority of people are fond of Western fashion and India is not an exception. When we talk about fashion, we certainly talk about Western fashion stores in India. Here in this article we have discussed about top Western Fashion stores in India and definitely Lee Jeans will come in the top of the list, Lees is one of the most popular and world’s most respected fashionable brands that people buy.

Western Fashion Trend in India

Beginning off appropriate as a popular work-wear manufacturer in India, Lee Jeans has got its own market and shot into the instant stardom with many of its latest colors, fashion and sturdy jackets. The fashion trend is changing every day and it is also same in this country. India is a country where one can find many people come from different known and unknown places, naturally they have different cultures and their choice are also different. But when you speak about fashion we can find many western fashion stores selling a variety of western clothes and among them Lee jeans is a must.

 lee jeans

Authentic Jeans for Authentic Fashion

It is not very hard to find the top stores in India which sells trendy clothes and especially Western clothes, including a variety of jeans for men and women both. You can found many stores offer a wide ranges of products at affordable price, from casual wear brand to high quality heritage age chic that create a new life-style no doubt for city people. These days you can found millions of men and women in India of different ages wear jeans, and most of them like lee jeans, because of its quality, authentic colour and price.

Pose for Perfect Fashion with Casual Lee jeans

Lee jeans normally uphold very high value and fashion for the philosophy of curiosity that you can found in different sections of the people. The brand generally helps break barriers and to do things in a different way, something fashionable and hitherto untried. For instance, lee is a brand that has been fashioning bold and highly trendy couture statements for couple of years in this country, it not only produces high quality and affordable jeans, but also lee shirts, lee jackets, lee t-shirts, polos and tunics as well as everything in different price, so that from rich to middle men can afford it.

With the brand of lee jeans India people can expect one’s street style to clash and sometimes formal classy with the moment he or she you wish. Lee jeans offer a variety of cool trendy finishes in different types of fits as well as styles combining with premium, regular, casual fit and much, much more. If you look for low waist and cut slim, or all new way to full ankle, or a regular fit jeans then Lee can be the first and foremost choice which caters a wide ranges of colored jeans that you must like.

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Top Clothing Summer Trends for Women in 2016


Now that we’ve stepped into the New Year, it undoubtedly implies that new trends have got to set in by the summer of 2016 pushing styles of 2015 out of the window! Although we have adapted the new styles always with an open heart, the trends are getting more outlandish each year, making this year’s trend daring, statement worthy and bold! So, let’s have a sneak peek and be the first ones to embrace the changing trends defining 2016 fashion!


  1. Trend of Tie-Dye
    Well, the 70’s trend is still going to stay as the Tie-die makes a comeback in the form of pants, dresses, shirts and much more.
  2. Trend of Graphic stripes
    Almost all designer display some form of super stripes, but this summer we are going to experiment with curled, chopped and scattered lines on the dresses and skirts. It’s just so very right!
  3. Trend ‘Mirror Me’
    Well, summer is incomplete without the fabrics of high shine, but this year we have much cooler and more experimentation going on! We would be going for dresses embedded with mirror pieces as a party wear in the summers to give it a rich look! So shine in the night and be the centre of attention wherever you go.
  4. Keeping an eye on your sleeves
    This summer season, the trend demands that they aren’t going to be any halfway; either they are not present at all, i.e., go strapless or they are full length (transparent designer sleeves), voluminous vaguely resembling the sleeves of 17th century.
  5. All time favorite Skinny jeans
    There are a variety of jeans provided by Levi’s India; skinny jeans go all the way for girls who want to look slim and smart. Its durable, comforting and helps you to carry it out with a great ease! It’s cool and trendy this summer giving a fashionable look with the wide range being offered here! Levi’s jeans are just a perfect for any occasion. You can wear it with flip flops, shoes or high heels.
  6. Bow at waist
    Well, this season displays its evolution naturally. Its looks very simple (a belt or even a fabric strip would suffice) and can make your ordinary look turn to very special yet extremely decent one!
  7. Lace
    It’s soft, classy and can turn an ordinary look to a chic! Summer dresses with designer laces are on the go this season to make you look pretty!
  8. Orange is the new trend this season!
    It is definitely that one color that can’t let you go unnoticed anytime. An orange blouse, tops or shirts could fit well this trendy season. This summer, go orange!

9. Skirts
Levis India
offers you the most stunning skirts in a variety of shades like simple and bold ones including navy blue, indigo, vintage dark, beige, dirty wood, easy black, sky blue and many more. Isn’t that great!? You can find its amazing collection present at all outlets in the county.

Top Women Wear Stores in India


Indian fashion is having the most diverse collections among all the fashion industries all around the world. The style and the types vary from ethnic design to ultra modern western cloths. That is why there are many different shops are available in India with different collections. You can get traditional clothes as well as western highly fashionable clothes in a single store. There are many different and particular dress stores are also available. The branded shops and the shopping malls are always having latest designed clothes. The other small shops also have vast collection when it comes to women’s wear. The international branded shops like Only India are also available in Indian market.

Hoffman Is Here For You

If you are looking for super stylist western clothes then go and grab the collections of the store. Hoffman has very unique designed jeans collection for women along with the formal shirts and casual tees. The comfort level is undoubtedly higher than your expectation. The very famous store is also having formal clothes for office wears of the ladies.


Biba for the Diva

Biba is as famous as the company like Only when it comes to women dressing in India. The store has every types of collection which is very much accessible. You can get western ultra modern dress like shorts, skirts, knee-length dresses as well as long gowns. Apart from the western the store also has amazing collections of the traditional Indian kurtis, plain saris, salwar and bridal lehengas.

Wills Lifestyle

If you need to look sober and stylist collection of western clothes then wills lifestyle store is here for you. The very feminine dresses absolutely stunned you. The fabrics of the clothes of this store are very much comfortable. If you are looking for the western looking Indian clothes then wills store is the best for you.

Magnificent Mango Stores

If you are looking for the western only then mango should be your ideal location for shopping. Mango is as much popular as Only for the latest collection of the western clothes. Though the charges of the dresses are quite high yet you should have the manogo collections in your wardrobe. The branded company is well reputed all around the India just like international market.

Bebe for the Ladies

It is another western clothes store just like mango and Only. You can get bebe’s stores almost every top city like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The ultra fashionable store is best known for the collection of trendy clothes. The quite expensive clothes are here in India for you to make you the most beautiful woman.

Buzzaria for the Ethnic Collection

Buzzaria is very well known store based in New Delhi. The store is very famous not only Delhi but also the outsides of the Delhi. The collection of the fabrics like chanderi, asymmetric, phulkari, Gond art, and folk safari definitely amazed you. The store is best known for the junk designs on the soft fabrics in Indian wears.

Thus go to these branded stores like Only grab the latest designed collections for you. Be the best beautiful by flaunting the collections of these Indian as well as western clothes.

Top Clothing Brands in India for Western Wear


Modern women are wearing western dresses these days for a smart and confident feel. With more and more ladies joining the corporate field the demand for western wears is flourishing in India unlike it used to be even some years before. Women are coming out of their traditional outfits like a sari or a salwar kurta and showing up their interest in western clothes. They also want to be given equal importance just like their male counterparts in the workplaces and everywhere else. Due to this reason, many top-notch international brands are getting the opportunity to establish their multi-brand stores her in India.

Women love to be pampered and when it comes to moving on a shopping spree to select their most favorite costumes they love the flexibility of a huge collection to choose from.  At Jack and Jones Stores, you will find a variety of options to choose from. Like Jack and Jones, there are also other international brands that are making it large when it comes to doing a lucrative business all around the world. Here is a list of some other top notch brands apart from Jack and Jones given, have a look at these before purchasing western wears.

Jack and Jones

Van Heusen

This is a popular international brand like Jack and Jones that manufactures western clothes for both, men, women, and kids. The products of Van Heusen offer high-quality fabrics that are super comfy. You will get exactly what you want at a Van Heusen store. It caters to the needs of millions of fashion freaks all over the world. The price of each product at Van Heusen stores are also affordable and within your pocket pinch.

Allen Solly

This is yet another popular apparel brand like Jack and Jones that is well known for its western wears for men, women and kids. It is a subsidiary company of the Aditya Birla Group and is licensed by the Madura Garments. The main backbone of this brand is formal wears for both men and women. Apart from formal wears this brand is also manufacturing casual wears these days to remain the competition with other popular brands.

Monte Carlo

Though the name is inspired by an Italian name, this is purely an Indian brand that manufactures super comfy woolen clothes owned by the Nahar Group of Ludhiana.


Madame stores are a popular western wear brand for women. Apart from denim and Capris Madame also manufactures trendy product lines like skirts of varying type e.g. pleated skirts and flared skirts, Shirts with different styles of collars, Cotton, and ensemble dresses, etc. For modern girls, there are also various kinds of tops like crop tops, tops with noodle straps and camisoles, tops having razorbacks and tank tops to name a few.

Louis Philippe

It is a premium brand for men’s clothes which was founded in the year 1989. This brand is owned by the Madura Fashions and lifestyles limited to cater to the needs of the fashionista all over the nation.

These are the brands in India that are popularly known for manufacturing western wears and imparting a smart and confident looks.

Top Women Wear Trends in India


Unlike the women of yesteryears, modern day women are welcoming latest trends and fashions with open hands. They are upgrading themselves as per the demand of the new generations. They don’t mind paying some extra money if something attracts their muse. There are some brands that meet the desires of every modern day women who want to be noticed everywhere they go. Forever New is such a brand that women love to shop from. It is an International brand based in Melbourne, Australia but does business worldwide. There are facilities to shop online at Forever New India and get your merchandise delivered at your given address. The trends in women’s clothing have undergone drastic changes over the years and modern day women love to try out new things with confidence. Here is a list of women wears given that you can shop at Forever New and go with the latest trends that are doing rounds in the fashion world these days.



You can find beautiful dresses at Forever New, starting from bell sleeve swing dress to embellished maxi dresses and denim dresses. You can also get the red hot lacy skater dresses that would give you a flawless look. If you want to try stunning jumpsuits, you can get that too at affordable prices.

Beautiful tops

Nowadays women prefer to wear tops of different kinds. Here at Forever New, you will find tops of varying designs and trendy patterns. There is a huge collection of crochet long sleeve tops, crop tops wrapped in the front, Scallop neck top, Peplum top to name a few. The designs are as funky as the name sounds. You will be thoroughly engrossed by the variety of designs that this brand offers.



From the latest palazzo pants to the wide legged pants you will get everything that you want to stay in fashion. Apart from these, there are skinny denim, Draped Pants and Slim pants that are selling hot nowadays. You can always give a try to these newly designed formal trousers and woo everyone around by your flawless looks and confident attitude.


Among the collection of skirts, there are pencil skirts that are always a favorite among modern day women. Apart from pencil skirts, there are flowing maxi skirts, Drape skirts, Leatherette skirts, Prom skirts, A- line Skirts, Luxe ball skirt, Fluted hem skirt and the knitted body con skirt to name a few.

Apart from clothing, women prefer matching accessories to wear and stay updated. You will find watches, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, shoes, hats and scarves all of latest designs and pattern that go very well with these modern dresses. A nice bag with matching belt and shoes look very cool besides giving you a more confident attitude to flaunt. You can accentuate your good looks if you can pair a nice looking and sober scarf over your skirt and wearing matching heels.

Before making an order ensure that it suits your style otherwise buying a thing and keeping it in your closet makes no sense. Do a research of the modern day fashion before making a purchase.